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Oldest Temple of Karnataka is HIDING the Strangest Secrets?

8 Ansichten· 25 Januar 2022
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An unknown temple in South India called Doddagaddavalli temple has become a target for vandals. However, there seems to be an ulterior motive to this planned destruction. WHO is destroying this ancient temple and WHY?

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00:00 - Who Broke This?
01:05 - Planned Destruction
03:18 - Spine Tingling Carvings
08:42 - Very First Hindu Temple?
09:15 - Lathe Turned Pillars
10:02 - Mysterious Ancient Builder
11:44 - Conclusion

Hey guys, somebody tried to destroy this ancient temple. As you can see this ancient statue is lying on the floor. This is the statue of Kaali, a fierce Goddess and on November 20, 2020, it is said that locals heard strange noises during night time, and when the authorities came in the morning, they found out that the statue was in this position. They have tried to dismiss it as a mere accident. Police say that nothing was stolen, so why did someone come to a very remote village in India, and break this statue. They have claimed that it fell naturally, but that is impossible because stone statues don’t naturally fall by themselves, and two, people have tried to destroy this temple for more than 900 years.
As soon as I entered the temple, I noticed something very odd. All the carvings in the front have been deliberately removed. They have methodically destroyed and have completely defaced these carvings. Why?
Let us go inside one of the shrines. Here you can see a fantastic stone structure, it looks amazing. But the lingam, the main cylinder that was supposed to be in the middle, is gone. It has been carefully removed. Why? Who would do such a thing?
Even on the ceilings, the destroyers have carefully planned and disfigured the carvings. It is done with such attention that we cannot recognize the original carving, so we are not able to decode the ancient information.
But let us investigate why people have repeatedly tried to destroy this temple. This is one of the entrances to the main chamber. On top, the rectangle which had a carving has been completely defaced. And at the bottom, you can see this figure, which is also hacked. We cannot see the details clearly, and on the other side, this carving is also completely destroyed. And then these 4 stone blocks as well, they are completely defaced. Some experts have claimed that Islamic invaders destroyed this temple because they don’t believe in idol worship and are not allowed to see images, but this cannot be true. Because on both sides, you can see 2 guardians, they are completely untouched. If these carvings were destroyed by Muslim kings, why would they leave these 2 carvings?
Whoever destroyed and is still destroying these carvings are doing it because they don’t like the information in these carvings. And the carvings in this temple are hiding some insane details.
For example, what do you see? Your natural instinct is to look in the middle where people have destroyed a beautiful lingam. But no, see here:
At first sight, you think this man is pulling a rope. But no, that’s his intestines. He has cut open his belly with his sword, and is removing his own intestines, which looks like a twisted rope. His face is deliberately disfigured to make sure we cannot identify him. Right next to him, you can see a woman. I am not exactly sure what they are trying to show here, but her legs are tied using a snake, symbolizing a venomous virgin or Vishaykanya. In case, you don’t believe my theory that this guy was cutting up his own stomach, it’s ok, because I also did not believe that in the beginning.

Look at the other side, this giant figure, is cutting off his own head with a sword. His hair looks quite fancy and he is holding his hair firmly with one hand, while decapitating himself. There are three very strange details here: Inspite of killing himself, he is also in the process of killing someone else, because he is standing on the face of this man. The victim is not dead yet, because you can see his hands in the Namaste pose, begging for mercy. On the other side, you can see a mysterious figure, fully clothed from top to bottom, calmly looking away. The third detail is the most important, you can see a coin here. This means locals are still worshiping this figure. I am not able to identify the figure, but if I talk to the locals, I could find more information and unravel the story.
Why are these 2 self destructive figures posted as guardians of this lingam? Who destroyed their faces? And Who removed the cylinder out of its base?
On top, you can see another strange figure called Vetala. Its hair looks like spaghetti...

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