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Forbidden Cave Paintings Of Ellora, India

4 Ansichten· 25 Januar 2022
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We are in the forbidden part of Ellora caves. People are not allowed to go into these areas, so I had to give a nice tip to the guard to get into this part of the cave. You might remember that we found a hidden chamber in Cave 33. This is cave 32, and inside one of the rooms we can find a lot of paintings done over 1200 years ago. These paintings are hidden in the remote areas of the cave. It is common to see carvings that have colors on them, but these are wall paintings without any carvings.

In this painting, you can see how a man and woman are dancing on the right side, and there is a teacher on the left who is overseeing their performance. It is also interesting to see that they barely have any clothes on, but do have jewels on them. And the man who is dancing must have been a king because he is wearing a crown. This gives us great insight into how the King would have spent his pastime 1200 years ago.

I am sorry about the lighting and the shaky camera, guys. It is pitch black in here and I am using a flash light to show you these paintings.

In this painting, you can see a lot of men sitting and praying. And the king in the center has his hands over his head with palms pressed together. If you notice carefully each person is painted with a different color. The King is painted red and you can see the adviser sitting behind him is wearing a blue turban.

On the opposite wall you can see a bunch of women in the praying position as well. The woman in the center is playing a stringed instrument, I am not sure if she is the queen. It is interesting to see that they all have flowers on their heads, which is still a common practice among Indian women.

Who are all these men and women praying to? In the center wall, you can see the painting of Mahavira. He has 2 other deities on either side, it looks like they are putting flowers on him. At the bottom, you can see how the painting has completely disintegrated. It is sad that these hidden paintings are not preserved and may not last another century.

In this painting, there are three women, and the one on the left looks like she is taking a bath.

And In this painting, you can see 2 couples dancing. Note that there are different colors like Red, brown and green.

On the ceiling you can see a lot of designs. At the corner, there is a flower, and see how the painting blends into the carvings.

This is a very detailed painting, you can see lots of faces here. It must be a very interesting scene from the past. Unfortunately, the painting has worn out and there is no way we can find out what it means.

This is a cool painting where there is a man riding a horse, and there is a woman on top of him, and there is a boy sitting on the woman's shoulders. They are chasing a man who is riding a bull. It could be some kind of an ancient game.

0:32 King dancing with a girl
1:10 King and his men praying
1:32 Women praying, and playing stringed instrument
1:54 Painting of Jain God Mahavira
2:21 Two couples dancing
2:41 Painting with lots of details, but worn out
2:58 An ancient game, similar to rodeo

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