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Archaeologists DON'T Want You To See These 2 Statues

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In a Deep, Dark Chamber of an ancient temple, there are two fearsome statues. However, the real mystery begins only when you realize they have holes in specific parts of their bodies.

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00:00 - Forbidden Statues
01:05 - The Strange Holes
02:32 - Ancient Medical Technology?
05:53 - A Hidden Hole
06:38 - Advanced Ancient Technology?
08:04 - Conclusion

Hey guys, today, I am going to show you just two, very strange ancient statues, and why these statues are so important to understand.
This is the first one, take a careful look. I found this in a very ancient Indian temple. As you can see, it looks quite scary. I can go into a lot of details like what he is, why he looks like this. Why his hair is looking like this, why his tongue is sticking out, if he is human or if he is something else, etcetera. But I am not going to describe these details now, because there is something much more important I would like to show you today.
Right opposite to this statue, there is the 2nd statue. The hairdo is a little bit different, the eyes are popping out, again it looks quite scary, these statues are definitely not for the faint of heart.
But this is not the shocking part. The shocking part is this hole on his stomach, on his abdomen. As you can see, this is a large hole, it is large enough for me to put a finger into this. My finger is freely going inside. Why would someone make these scary statues in a Hindu temple, I mean surely these are not put for worshipping, right? On top of that, why would they drill a hole on his abdomen? But this could be a coincidence, may be an ancient sculptor was just bored and testing out his drilling skills, right?
Let us go back to the opposite statue and take a look. Again, the same hole, the same size, in the same spot, on the right side of his abdomen.
Why? I am going to tell you why in this video, but the standard answer from Historians and Archeologists is very shallow. According them, these are meaningless holes, these are demons and demons have holes in their bodies, etc. They come up with elaborate names for these statues like Vetal, Booth, etc. But when it comes to these holes, nobody can give a good answer.
Now, it is very interesting to me that today, doctors put holes exactly in this place on human bodies. Because that is precisely where your liver is. If you ask your doctor: he will tell you that the liver is located at the upper right portion of your abdomen, just below your ribs. And this is not a coincidence. Because both these statues show the exact same detail, the upper right portion of the abdomen.
Biliary Drainage:
Now why would a doctor, a surgeon put a hole here, right? This procedure is called a Biliary drainage procedure. When the liver is not able to function well, and its fluid is not driining well, you can manually drain it by putting a hole, right here. The liver secretes a fluid called Bile, that’s why this procedure is called Biliary Drainage, I am not going to bore you with more medical details. And of course, why would your liver not function well? Yes, correct, liver problems start mostly if you are drinking too much alcohol.
And here is the strange part of this, look at these figures at the bottom of this statue. All these four figures have something in common. They appear to be drinking, here it is clear that he is drinking from a tall glass or cup. The guy on top has a smaller, shallow cup. On the other side, this guy is clearly licking the side of a cup, it must remind you of tequila shots, right? On top again, this guy is holding a smaller cup, I think he is offering alcohol to the main guy. Very strange depiction. These 4 guys only seem to reinforce the theory that yes, he is in alcoholic that hole was in fact done for biliary drainage.
Of course we have to talk about these figures, I mean what do they represent? Do they represent demons, fallen angels, Goblins, aliens? Or are they actually mocking humans, are they representing alcoholics? Wikipedia confirms that, these figures are called Vetala or Vetal . The term actually means evil spirits...They are known to be more active at night and trouble normal humans. They are known to be extremely weak and they walk shakily and are known for their rage and meaningless talk. This guy has cut someone’s head off and he is gonna eat his brain. That’s a universal expression, even in English. So is Vetal just a metaphor for an Alcoholic? But there is something even more strange. Watch carefully. These are the scary eyes popping out, but right behind this eye socket, in the skull, there is another hole.

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