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Suppressed Evidence of Ancient Technology in India? Missing Link Between Humans & Gods

6 Ansichten· 25 Januar 2022
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Did Ancient Indians try Genetic Modification? Do these Carvings show evidences of DNA manipulation? How else can we explain these mysterious figures?

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00:00 - Frog Man
00:48 - Goat Woman
01:59 - Naga Corner
03:56 - Horse Man
05:31 - Human-Ape Hybrid
08:35 - Predator
09:54 - Mermaid
10:19 - Conclusion

Hey guys, today I am gonna show you carvings like this, yes it looks like a Human-Frog or a FrogMan. All these carvings I am showing you today are from the 900 year old Chennakeshava temple. So you can understand why I am calling this the FrogMan because of how it is sitting, right? And its eyes are quite big, like that of a frog. But other than that, it is clearly wearing shoes and clothes, which makes me wonder was it a genetically modified human like spiderman? Did ancient people experiment with Genetic Modification?

Here is another strange one, hiding in an inaccessible location. The body is definitely human, but what about the face? What animal is it? It clearly looks like a sheep or a goat, but the hairdo is very similar to the hairdo of the women shown in other carvings of this temple. By looking at the body we can clearly understand that it is a female, and she is holding some strange pointy things in both of her hands.
So why did ancient Builders carve these strange figures in this ancient temple? Most historians agree that sculptors carved what they saw? When they look at a beautiful carving like this, they say “oh the sculptor must have seen a woman in this dancing posture, that is why he carved it”. So, did the sculptors also see these genetically modified figures in ancient times? Did ancient builders know about genetic engineering?

In this temple, unlike any other temple, there is a big corner dedicated to the Nagas, the Serpentine Gods. This whole area is full of Naga carvings, In the center, there is a giant female Naga, with a seven headed snake guarding her from the top. Locals are still worshiping her, with flowers and saffron powder. Why? Because Naga is a symbol of fertility. Women without children come and worship the Nagas, and hope the Naga will bless them with babies. And what is really interesting is that, the entire wall is full of carvings reminding us of DNA strands. because these intertwined Nagas look very similar to the double helix structure of the DNA strands. And here you can see a bunch of sperms swimming, racing to fertilize the ovum, to create more life. Is this all just a coincidence, or did ancient builders experiment with genetic modification?

Here is a Naga Figure, holding a human in her lap. No, she is not holding a baby, she is holding a grown woman, look at the fully grown breasts on that human, and the Naga with her hood behind her head is shown much larger, holding the woman in her lap. Does it have anything to do with Aliens interbreeding with humans?

Behind this carving is another very strange carving. A man with a horse face is interacting with a woman. This sounds really interesting, because so far we saw the frog man and goat woman just being alone, but now we can see this horse-faced man with a human female. Sorry about my shaky video, these weird figures are mostly carved in inaccessible locations, so I am struggling to show them to you.
Now this is not the only horse faced figure, there is a female with a horse face, standing close to a man. It is safe to say that they are not just friends. And this carving is in a much more accessible location, so you cannot miss it, so if you visit this place, the tour guide will tell you that this carving was made to show you that love is blind, and when you are young, even a girl with a horse face will look attractive to you, but this theory is wrong,
first because look at her genitalia, it does not look like a woman’s, it looks quite different from normal female genitalia and two, because there are many statues which are standing alone, even horse faced statues standing alone. The tour guides are spinning these theories because they don’t know what is going on.
Now here is a figure that is much more human like, but it is not fully human. Looks like a messed up genetic experiment, between a human and some other ape like a gorilla. I say this because its arms are very long, it extends beyond its knees. It’s head is kind of deformed, with no hair on the head. And it has a very big, strong chest like a gorilla. And we know that in the last 100 years, many countries have secretly tested human-ape hybrids.

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