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In Search of the Forbidden Past : Kullar Caves | Season 1 | Episode 1

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Hey guys, today we are not going to see a historic site, we are going to go to a pre-historic site. What's the difference? A Pre-historic site is a site which goes back to the time where there is no writing or any other form of historical records. So, we are going to a site that’s at least 5000 years old. Pre-historic sites are very old, very rare and are extremely hard to find. We are going to a deep forest area known as Javvadhu hills in South India, this forest is protected by the Government.
The Javvadhu hills are known for its lack of facilities. But even before I begun the journey, in the surrounding, there are no hotels or restaurants, but the village women cook delicious food, and sell them on the street and people are extremely friendly and helpful. Locals stories are always fascinating to hear.

When we enter the Javvadhu hills, we can see the difference, outside we see heavily populated villages, but this forest is almost completely uninhabited. Here you can see how it looks outside the reserve forest and you can see it how it looks inside the protected area. Why is such a large area protected by the Government? Is there some mystery hidden from us? The paved roads end after a certain a point, and there are only small dirt roads, they are too narrow for my car. So, I borrowed a motorcycle, because I need to use these roads for many miles before reaching the hill. Nobody is allowed to settle and build homes in this forest area, there are only a few hundred tribal people who live here on forest resources. For a casual visitor, it is nothing but trees and hills. Or is it? The bike will only take you so far and you must be prepared to walk for several miles, through the woods. The Javvadhu hills are known for its exotic herbs, people affected with lung diseases come here to breathe this herb filled air. I have been walking for more than 2 hours now, and our prehistoric site is at the very top of a hill. I am walking through rocky areas which have some crazy slopes, If I am careless, the fall from here can be deadly.

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