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Secret Chamber Hidden In The Altar Of Ellora Caves

7 Ansichten· 25 Januar 2022
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This is Ellora caves in India, which is a collection of 34 caves. These caves were built approximately 750 A.D, so these carvings are over 1200 years ago. This is cave 33. Generally, people are not expected to step inside the main Altar or Sanctum.

Inside the altar, is the Jain god Mahavira. Cave 33 was not built by Hindus, but by Jains, and they have quite a few Gods in their religion.Their Gods are usually enlightened human beings. You can see the main God at the center, and there are 2 other deities on either side. You can see the faded colors on them. These colors must have been put on when they were carved and you can imagine how fresh and colorful the images would have been.

What's more interesting is that you can see a small, secret chamber on the right side. Let us take a look inside and see how big it is. It is about 5 feet wide and 6 feet long. And the inside is polished really well which makes me think that it was used by humans as a hiding place.

If it was just for storage, the inside may not have been polished. So, I am guessing that this would have been a great hideaway or a shelter. Now note that the doorway is almost a perfect rectangle. If I put a rectangular stone slab to cover this doorway, the chamber would not be visible at all. And not to mention that it is very dark inside, making it an invisible room. Follow Me on:


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