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108 SECRET LINGAMS Hidden in Angkor Wat? Ancient Energy Machines Revealed |Part VI | Praveen Mohan

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Hey guys, today I am going to show you the secret Lingams of Angkor Wat Temple, nobody has posted this information anywhere, this is not on YouTube, and this is not even in any book, these lingams have never been observed before.
When you walk around these passages they have a lot of Buddha statues placed all around. Some Buddhas are huge, and some Buddhas are small, and some of them have even been destroyed, and it is said that 108 Buddhas were placed originally all around like this, in this temple. But this is strange because Angkor Wat was originally built as a Hindu temple, and 108 is a sacred number of Hindus, so why would the original builders place 108 Buddha statues here?
Let us examine this mystery, and here you can see this Buddha statue, its head is broken. Now, Buddha is already seated on a Naga, a snake, and he is placed on a pedestal or a base. To a casual observer, there is nothing wrong, but there is something very weird about the base, it does not fit the Buddha at all. You can see that the base is square, and there is a groove, an outlet for the water. "THIS IS THE BASE OF A LINGAM FOR THE WATER." This is the base of a lingam for the water to flow. I have shown you a lot of lingams like this, and how they have these spouts or outlets for water. And look, the Buddha statue is completely separate and it is not even seated on the base properly.
So, where is the lingam? Where is the cylindrical part that once sat on this base? It is sitting right here, you can see a part of the broken cylinder, this was the lingam which originally stood on the base.
And here is another Buddha, this Buddha is much smaller than the base, and you can see the full base of the lingam here, how a lingam would have been originally placed. The cylinder top represents Shiva, and it has been specifically destroyed, and a Buddha has been placed on top, even though it does not fit this base at all.
May be, this is true only for small Buddha statues, what about the Giant Buddha statues placed in Angkor Wat? Look at this one, this Buddha is more than 8 feet tall, has a huge 7 headed naga guarding him, while he is in deep meditation. This is such a fantastic statue that even as a visitor, you want to pay respect to this Buddha. But look at the base. It is obvious that it is not at all a part of the Buddha statue. And you can see this rectangular groove for water outlet. There was originally a lingam here, and when the civilizations changed, the lingams were destroyed, and these Buddha statues were just placed on top of them.
I have examined at least a dozen of these Buddhas, and it is a very interesting modification to watch, when the temple was taken over by a different religion, they just removed the cylinders, but they kept the bases and placed the newer Buddhas on top of these bases. But this is not a very well engineered modification, in almost all cases, the bases look completely different than the Buddhas.
Okay, so you have now seen the 108 lingams inside Angkor Wat temple, But these are not the lingams I wanted to show you, I want to show you the SECRET LINGAMS that have been hiding underground for many centuries.

In 2015, researchers used laser scanning equipment called Lidar attached to low-flying helicopters and scanned the Angkor Wat area. And they were shocked to find a large field full of cylindrical projections hidden around the temple complex. Archeologists are calling them 'Domes' because they are cylindrical structures with nice smooth tops, these are obviously lingams. But it is not just the buried lingams that have stunned scientists, it’s the sheer volume of them. They have found vast fields full of these lingams arranged in grid like fashion, forming a large matrix. Experts confirm that these ancient structures were built around the same time as Angkor Wat temple.

Why were hundreds of these lingams built all around Angkor Wat temple complex? Why did ancient builders build such a large number of lingams both inside and outside the temple walls? These lingams are debunking all mainstream theories. Experts have always argued that there is nothing special about Lingams, they are just statues people built, hoping that others will come and worship these lingams and give donations. But these lingams found by Lidar technology is proving this wrong, if lingams were built only for worship and donations, why would they make these hundreds of lingams in a grid like fashion and place them outside the walls of Angkor Wat? These lingams must have been used for a specific reason.

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