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Anti-Gravity Pillar Found in Chennakeshava Temple? Evidence of Ancient Technology in India

15 Ansichten· 25 Januar 2022
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When was Gravity discovered? Did ancient people understand gravity? Did they understand Anti Gravity and Levitation? A Giant ancient pillar might have the answer to all these questions.

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0:00 - Mysterious Event
1:15 - Anti-Gravity Pillar
3:55 - Secret of Mohini
6:06 - Ancient Science of Gravity
8:07 - Gurutva Mohini
10:13 - Gravitational Pull
12:23 - Not Human, Just a Force
13:27 - Purpose of the Pillar
15:17 - Rotating Parts
16:14 - Ancient Seismograph?
18:09 - Praveen MOHA...

Hey guys, just two month ago, on September 17, something very strange happened in the ancient Chennakesava temple at Belur. In Late- afternoon about 5:30 PM, a small stone ball, fell down from the top of this pillar. Only a very few people noticed this, and most people do not even know such an event happened. What could be so special about that particular day and time, why would a ball magically drop from this ancient pillar? In a few minutes, it became clear that an earthquake had hit the entire area, it was a mild earthquake with a 2.3 magnitude on a richter scale, but pillars don’t magically release balls, in fact, pillars should actually fall down during an earthquake. And this pillar probably did not fall down, because it is firmly buried inside this large base, right?
But when we take a look closer, we are completely shocked by this. This pillar is not buried in the base at all, it is not even attached to the base. It is just made to stand there with no support at the bottom, or at the top. This is a completely free standing pillar, they have simply placed it with no support, no binding material, no foundation, and not even a little bit of mortar or cement to attach it to the floor.
This is impossible, imagine making a long cylinder like a pencil, stand on a table. It is very hard, but now turn on the fan and make the wind blow on it, to mimic the wind blowing in the temple. And then shake the table to mimic the earthquake. Will the pencil still be standing?
Even worse, this pillar is not standing on all 4 corners, it is standing on just 3 legs, one of the corners is not even resting on the floor. Authorities say you can pass a thin cloth or paper through this space and prove that it is not resting, and they used to do it before, but now people are forbidden from going near the pillar. But let me zoom in, and you can clearly see that one of the corners is just hanging in the air.
And this pillar is huge, archeologists say this is monolithic, a single giant block of granite, standing 42 feet tall, about three and a half feet wide, and must weigh about 45 tons. Archeologists confirm that it is not a recent structure, it is in fact ancient.
How was it erected, how was it made to just balance like this with no support, and most importantly, how is it still standing after so many centuries?
To make it balance like this, the builders must have had an insane ability to precisely calculate the center of gravity. There is no way they can create such a miracle without a scientific understanding of the center of gravity. But is there any evidence in this temple itself, to prove that ancient builders understood gravity?
There is something very strange and secretive about this temple. In 1926, not only did Indian leaders like Gandhi and Nehru visited this temple, but Pakistan’s first prime Minister Mohammed Ali Jinnah also visited this temple. Why would a muslim who does not believe in idol worship, visit this temple? He did not come to worship, but he was interested in watching a strange scientific phenomenon associated with this carving.
This particular idol called Mohini was removed from the top and brought down for a strange demonstration to these leaders. You can immediately see that her posture is different, she seems to be standing like a puppet, connected to an invisible string. Her both hands hint this. But there is no string, in fact she is letting a drop of water drip from a finger on her top hand. An actual drop of water was used in front of the leaders while keeping this statue erect. The drop fell from the finger of her right hand, exactly between her brows, touched the nose, touched her left nipple, fell exactly between her legs and touched the extended toe on her left leg before falling on the ground. It is said all the three politicians instinctly stood up and gave a standing ovation when they saw this demonstration. How could an ancient builder carve such an idol without understanding gravity?

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