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Arrival Of The Gods and Apocalypse - Ancient Aliens In India?

22 Ansichten· 25 Januar 2022
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We have seen all the life forms that dominated planet earth since millions of years. So what does the final dominant figure look like? Surprisingly, the final carving shows a very different life form that does not look human at all. You can see how the sculptor carved this figure with an elongated face and a pointed mouth.
Could this be a mistake? No, if you look at ancient carvings of this final God called Kalki, he does not have the resemblance of Human avatars like Krishna or Rama. Instead, he is shown with very different facial features.

And the sculptor left another important clue to show that Kalki is not human, but a completely different kind of being. Can you guess what it is? If you want, you can pause the video, and take another look at the entire pillar and try to find out for yourself. In normal Hindu carvings many figures are shown with multiple arms, but in this pillar the sculptor has shown all the human life forms strictly with 2 arms. And notice how in all the other species that are not human, he has shown them with multiple arms. This is a remarkable detail that has no exception in all these 10 life forms. The final figure is definitely not human because it is carved with multiple arms.

So, the final life form that would dominate planet earth and the human race would not be human at all. Do you think Gorillas or dolphins are going to subdue us? We can all agree that there is going to be no other species on earth than can subdue human beings, unless the real Gods descend from the sky. Scientists may call them Extraterrestrials and religious people may call them Gods, but the name does not matter. What really matters is that the ancient Hindu scriptures that were incredibly accurate about the past 9 life forms that dominated our planet is making the statement that beings from another world would be the final dominant force. So if the scriptures were right 9 times, what are the odds that they will be wrong the 10th time? I personally think that this prediction of Kalki’s arrival would also be 100% accurate.

So what would happen to human beings? What do the scriptures say about Kalki?
It is recorded that Kalki would be extremely virtuous and would quickly realize that most of the human beings are corrupt and dishonest. He would destroy the entire human race except a handful of honest people who show their complete devotion to him. Kalki would then take this handful of people and start a new civilization.
In a book called Srimad Bhagavatam, Kalki is portrayed as capable of changing the color of his skin at will. His skin can be yellow and sometimes it can become black. Kalki would have no flaws in his thoughts, and there would be no imperfections that human beings have. Scriptures say that he would arrive in a flying horse with a blazing sword that can kill a thousand people with one swipe. To the scientific community this refers to an advanced laser weapon, because normal swords are not blazing and cannot kill thousand people at one swing.
In ancient scriptures & sculptures, Kalki is accurately portrayed with an elongated face. However, this was modified by newer books in the last few centuries where he is shown as a human being.
Now, think about the marvel of documenting evolution 2500 years ago by the so called primitive men. How could ancient Indian scriptures write about all these life forms in perfect order? There is no way it can be a coincidence because it would be similar to an archer hitting the bullseye 10 times in a row. If they had made one change, for example if they put the turtle before the fish, the entire theory would fall apart.

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