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Ancient Builders Tamed WHAT ANIMAL? Mystery of Angkor Wat Continues | Part 9 | Praveen Mohan

8 Ansichten· 25 Januar 2022
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A strange carving in Angkor Wat temple shows a weird animal used in a chariot. Is this even possible? Did ancient people possess superior knowledge? Or was it ancient aliens? 👽👽
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Hey guys, today I am going to show you some strange things I found in Angkor Wat temple. "Here you see something very very fascinating. Look at this chariot, right? Look at this chariot and this man is using an arrow standing on top of the chariot. Look what animal is tied to the chariot? This is a Rhino! Look at the head and there is a horn in front of that face and that ears. This is a rhino, so humans were domesticating rhinoceros and they were using them for war. I mean this is fascinating to see I don't think I have seen this kind of information anywhere. Human beings using Rhinoceros and putting them to work in Chariots and using them in war, I mean this is amazing. "
It is shown with a thick skin with many flaps, rhinos always have multiple flaps in their skin, and this one is also heavily ornate and armored, because well that's what happens when you become a warrior. The rhino looks fearless, rhinos never shy away from a fight, even though this guy is trying to kill it.
This is quite fascinating because if you talk to biologists today they will tell you it is not difficult, but it is actually humanly impossible to domesticate Rhinos. Why? Because animals like Rhinoceros fit into a classification called Ornery. They are just too inconvenient and too wild to tame. Think about it, we ride horses, but why don't we ride zebras? Because zebra is also classified as an ornery animal, it is just too difficult for humans to tame these animals. And some of you may think, that's not true, Sheena the queen of Jungle, rode a zebra. This is actually a painted horse, they tried to get an actual zebra but it is impossible tame ornery animals.

But this carving is proving us wrong. Ancient Builders of Cambodia actually have domesticated Rhinos, many many centuries ago. And it makes you wonder, we are not able to tame them today, how did they do it at least 900 years ago?

And I think a lot of smart people have wondered about this. In the movie avatar, the characters tame wild animals and the animals help them and participate in the war. This is the Direhorse, it is just a modified zebra. James Cameron is telling us that they were not tamed by force, but these people knew how to connect their mind with its mind and then it starts to do what you want it to do. Right now, we are working on this technology, ok?. We can use your brain to move someone else's hand by just thinking about it. Elon Musk has recently introduced Neuralink technology, a tiny implant on your brain and you can do plenty of things with that. They have already done these implants on pigs.

So it is possible that the ancient builders had some type of esoteric knowledge to domesticate all animals and this knowledge has been lost now. This is why they were able to domesticate Rhinos and other wild animals.

Remember I showed the you the hell in Angkor Wat, the hell according to Hinduism where you can see all the strange punishments. One of the punishments is torture by animals. And again here you can see a Rhino is using its horns to impale a sinner. See how decorated this Rhino is, its entire skin is covered with dots.

Nearby you can see this guy, is being eaten alive by a lion. I don't know if you understand how crazy this is. Not only this, there are gigantic, majestic stone lions greeting you when you enter Angkor Wat. I am completely blown away by these Lions while thousands of visitors will just walk by without giving them a second look. They will be like "nice looking lions", right? So plot twist: There are no lions in Cambodia, there are no lions in South East Asia at all, not today, not ever. All experts agree on that, what is in red is the historical distribution of Lions. Lions existed historically only in Africa, middle east and India, and today of course they have diminished even further, which is shown in blue. But all experts agree that Lions never existed in Cambodia which is like a thousand mile away from India. So how did ancient builders who existed in Cambodia carve these Lions, without ever seeing one?

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