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Lord Rama's Unstoppable Bow - Not Magic, But Very Advanced Ancient Technology?

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Lord Ram is mentioned in ancient Hindu texts as a master archer who never missed his target. But how did he accurately hit his targets every time? Was it Magic? Or was he using advanced technology?

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0:00 - Rama’s Bow
0:54 - Simple Bow
1:24 - Compound Bow
2:34 - Ancient Geared Bow
3:29 - Pull-Back Bow
5:50 - Ancient Missiles
7:49 - Bow Sight
8:34 - Lost Technology
9:40 - Conclusion

Hey guys, today I am going to show you what I found about Lord Rama’s bow and arrow. In case you are not familiar with him, Rama is the protagonist of the ancient Indian epic called Ramayana. Even today, Hindus worship Lord Rama who is typically shown with a bow and arrow. Ancient Indian texts mention that he never missed his target, and his arrows could go through multiple targets at the same time, there are carvings showing how his arrows go through 7 trees before hitting the final target. Was this a magical bow? Or was he using advanced technology?
Here you can see two guys with bows and arrows. It is clear that they are bows and it looks remarably simple, like basic wooden bows used by primitive tribes. Again, you can see a third one, but perhaps these are just regular archers, because look at their clothes, just a loin cloth and no ornaments. And they are just marching along, right next to regular foot soldiers.
But look at these bows.. there are wheels, strategically placed on both ends of the bow. This is crazy because Believe it or not, today we use wheels or cams in bows, we call them compound bows. You can see these are smooth circles, just like today’s cam wheels on compound bows. This is quite interesting because if you search online, you will see that the compound bow was invented just 50 years ago, in the US. But this temple is a thousand years old, and it clearly shows how ancient builders were using compound bows with wheels. It is easy to understand why putting wheels on a bow can make it much more powerful and efficient, because you have just installed some mechanical equipment to enhance human effort. But is this why Rama’s bow was much more effective? Did he just put wheels on his bow?
Here is where I found something really fascinating. I found some huge carvings of Rama and his brother, and their bows show some insane details. At first look, I thought they had wheels in their bows, but when I examined them closer, I realized that they are not wheels, they are gears. I mean look, you can see the teeth of the gear wheel, there is a gear mechanism attached to the bow. This is very very advanced ancient technology, because today’s bows don’t even use this technology. But within 20 years, before 2040, someone will start manufacturing this type of bow. What will such a bow be called? “Pull-Back Bow”

Sounds familiar, right? Because we have pull back cars today. When we were kids, we had toy cars and when we wanted them to move forward, we just pushed them forward. But then someone gave us a “Pull-Back Car” and instead of pushing it forward, you pulled it back, and it made a strange clicking sound, and when we released it, you remember how fast it went.
This is the exact same technology Rama used in his ancient bow. And you may think the pull back cars have batteries or something inside, but If you opened the car, inside you will find a couple of gears, and a spring. But yet, when we use this for technology, we can make wonders with it, so many machines like watches and bikes, use this technology.
Of course some day, some guy will come and claim that these are just flowers. Huh? But why would warriors put flowers on their bows? And if you look at any flower, the petals will be huge, and the center part will be smaller compared to the petals. But if you take any gear, the center part will be bigger and the gear teeth on the sides will be much smaller. And this is exactly what we see here. And you can see the strings attached to the mechanism, just like today’s bow. Everytime you see the gear, there is a string attached to it. You can see this on all the geared bow carvings. And you can also see these loose strings and knots.. These are called string silencers to absorb the noise and vibration. Even in modern day bows you will see them, it is just the nature of the beast itself. So Rama and his brother were using Pull-Back bows, this is why their bows were so efficient.
So why does Rama need gears & Pull-back mechanism in his bow, right? Just to shoot a regular arrow? It is time to look at the arrows, but this arrow is deliberately destroyed. But you can see this one survived, and it looks absolutely weird.

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